Hi, I’m Macey, Dottie Couture’s in-house blogger!  Thanks for stopping by!  The blog is back after a hiatus and we’re so excited about its new look and content.  We’ve made some changes we hope you’ll love.  We want this to be a fun place to talk about fashion (duh), health, beauty, kids, college…whatever!  You get it.  Just girl talk.

I recently sat down with Brooke, the owner, and asked about all things Dottie.  Here’s an inside look into how DCB began, what happens behind the scenes, and where she sees Dottie heading in the future.

Q:  How did Dottie Couture begin?

A:  Dottie began from a love of fashion and making people feel good. I worked in a boutique and loved that it was so many women’s “happy place”. Most boutiques in my town were very high end at the time, and I wanted to create a boutique that was fashion forward but also affordable. I was twenty-four when I opened the store and very much a girl on a budget, I decided that was my market.


Q:  Why did you decide to open a business?

A:  It was a very last-minute decision, ha! I thought I was entering a partnership with an existing boutique, and when that didn’t work out, I thought “wait, I can do this myself!” Ignorance was bliss, ha! I learned very quickly the HARD way how hard the retail industry is. Sink or swim. I was treading water for years, and then broke out and started SWIMMING. I figured out my market, made mistakes and learned from them. I sold my first boutique, and started over. The second chance was everything!  I continue to adjust my business model every day to adapt to the ever-changing industry.


Q:  Did you predict that it would grow to what it is now?

A:  No. My goal was to have one stable boutique. I feel so lucky to have three and a website shipping worldwide. Incredible. I still look at orders every night and love seeing where we are shipping to. We have the BEST customers, and they are truly the ones that have grown my company by spreading the word. So thankful.


Q:  Has that vision evolved?

A:  My vision now is to perfect my systems, ship fast & correctly, find the best items, give back in a big way, and make my boutiques someone’s “happy place”.


Q:  What is your favorite Dottie “hat” to wear?  Do you like buying, styling, leading?

A:  I LOVE buying and styling. I love picking the brains of the young talented women that I work with. I have a whole girl gang of about 75+ (plus my husband) that make this all work.


Q:  What’s it like to be a working mom?

A:  BUSY. Ha! I have 4 (3 bio & one foster) kids (wowza, I know).  Coffee helps too. And wine, LOL.


Q:  What’s it like to work with family?

A:  It has been something I have felt so lucky to be able to do. Support my loved ones and also utilize their gifts and talents. I tease my husband that I am his boss at home and at work, hehe. My older (and much wiser) sister works for me too, so it’s fun to do this together. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I think my mom may be my best customer though. You can find her at my pick-up window several times a week. So incredibly lucky.


Q:  What’s it like working with mostly women?

A:  FUN. the best are the days when several girls are TWINNING in their Dottie. Our staff is young, and I love that. It keeps me young, and they are all so talented. I love the friendships that have formed between my staff. Girls start as co-workers, become roommates, stand in each other’s weddings…. so cool.


Q:  What does Dottie mean to you?

A:  Cue ugly cry, and cliché answer, but it’s my blood sweat and tears. It was my first baby. I have put my absolute whole heart in this company. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel such a deep gratefulness. I’m always in hustle mode, thinking of my next big plan to keep evolving and serve our shoppers better than the day before.


Q:  Who inspires you?

A:  Honestly, my competition. It makes me hustle to stay ahead and work the hardest. Buying trips to see our designers and attending markets is also really inspiring. I love working with newer/smaller companies. And my staff. I bop around to my shops and the warehouse and see everyone hustling around and it gives me the push I need to put in those extra hours….work harder. And of course, my babes. I want them to see me working hard for “us” and for the people we give back to.


Q:  Where do you see DCB heading?

A:  I’m not sure…. I want to make sure the things I do are done well. Possibly more stores, but not so many that they lose my touch. The website is going to get bigger and better for sure! We are adding so many cool features, and perfecting our systems. It’s so exciting. The sky is the limit when you own your own business, that can add pressure, but it is also so awesome.


Q:  How does it feel to be able to give back to causes you love?

A:  It’s true success to me. It makes me feel like I “made it”. It’s everything….


Brooke’s Outfit Details

Black Leather Moto Jacket – Size medium

Grey Striped Dolman Button Down – Size small

Black Mineral Wash Moto Leggings – Size small

Want a peak behind the scenes of Dottie?  Follow Brooke on Instagram!




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