I am so excited to share with you all something I love so much – health, fitness, and fashion!  For me, working out and eating healthy is a lifestyle.  That being said, I am not perfect!  I think of it as the 80 x 20 rule.  80% of the time I make healthy choices and 20% I fuel my craving.  For example, if I order a burger I ask for no bun and instead get fries.  It is all about the choices we make.

Another key part of a healthy lifestyle is consistency.  I get the question all the time, “how do you stay motivated?”  And I just saw an awesome quote and it totally stuck with me because this is my answer.  “Screw motivation, what you need is discipline.”  I am super disciplined – no matter if I am feeling it or not I go to the gym.  Trust me, I have never regretted a workout.  I am also fortunate enough that my husband enjoys the same passion as me so this is something we love to do together.  If you need help becoming discipline, find a workout buddy!  You can hold each other accountable.

As far as my workout schedule goes I work out Monday – Saturday and incorporate cardio (running, elliptical, HIIT) and targeting lifting into my daily routine.  Why?  Honestly, it makes me feel good.  Working out starts my day in such a positive way – mind body and soul (I love that).  I hope if anything, this post gives you fire to get moving and begin your journey to a healthier YOU.

Here are 6 moves that you can do ANYWHERE!  This HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout will get you toned just in time for the holidays!

Alternating Lunges

45 Seconds (Rest 15 Seconds)


Mountain Climbers

45 Seconds (Rest 15 Seconds)



Burpees 45 Seconds (Rest 15 Seconds)




Fast Squats

45 Seconds (Rest 15 Seconds)




45 Seconds (Rest 15 Seconds)


Jump Squats

45 Seconds (Rest 1 Minute)




Do the circuit 4 times. In all, it should take about 27 minutes.


Grey “Be You” Tank – Size small

Black Drawstring Joggers – Size small

Want more fitness information? Follow Dakota on Instagram for more workout inspiration!



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